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Restaurant software
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Restaurant software, website design restaurant

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You dont have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients.

Have you wondered as to how the internet can help your restaurant business? Well, there are several ways. It can increase the exposure of your restaurant locally and internationally. It can add that special flavor to the quality of your restaurant's image and customer service. And most importantly, it can help increase business in an efficient and affordable manner.

Take a look at some of the following scenarios.

The insatiable food critic
Being a food critic I like to sample food at small, mom-and-pop ethnic restaurants, national chains, high-priced spreads, the trendy and the posh, all I want is my money's worth. I expect good food properly prepared, prices in line with the decor and an efficient, congenial, but not patronizing staff doing its best to assure return business.

Now, if all restaurants in a particular region had an online presence? Where menus, images, catering and other services are on display online and from where I can read about a particular restaurant that hand rolls thousands of meatballs everyday or makes their lasagna from scratch. Whether a café faces the Mediterranean Sea or is perched on a treetop, this sort of information when available online entices me to explore the place and look forward to a great dining experience.

An important meeting
I plan to escort that special friend a la important client to that new restaurant that's popped up on the waterfront and I want the evening to be purr…fect and worth remembering. I would definitely feel more confident if I knew what I was going in for, what kind of menus to expect, see a picture of the restaurant and get a feel of its ambience. Now, if I could take a look at the kitchen, the master chef and see if his/her food were worth a sample, am I asking for too much?

I am hungry. My office meeting ends at 2 PM. I am in a mood for that favorite pizza of mine. I want it to be delivered sharp at 2:00 PM. I don't want to repeat all my toppings again. It is the same pizza that I ordered last time. I wish the restaurant had a website and allowed me to order the pizza for home delivery with one click.

Take away
My wife loves chicken tikka. On my way home, I plan to drop by at this restaurant that cooks delicious tikkas. However, this being a popular restaurant, I have to wait after ordering and then wait in another queue for payment once the dish is ready. I hate this. I wish this restaurant had an option on the website wherein I could order the takeaway and then all I would need to do is just pickup the food at the pre-determined hour. Howzatt!

These are just a few examples of why your patrons want you to have a website. A good transactional website not only provides you visibility but also turns it into an additional ordering window. By allowing your patrons to register and avail member privileges like a list of favorites on a menu, access articles that give nutritional information and interesting food facts, kitchen tips and good cooking techniques, you are ensuring repeat business. After all, repeat business depends on high quality, carefully prepared food and personalized service.

Our application helps you take your restaurant online. You can manage orders, dishes, daily specials, reviews, prices, discount coupons, gift certificates etc all by yourself through the interface specially made for you.

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